Thursday, March 13, 2014

Healing from Divorce Group Call

Are you divorced, or divorcing?  Did your parents divorce when you were a child?  From every angle, divorce is difficult and can leave behind unhealthy, false beliefs that may hinder your future relationships.  Our group call this month focuses on healing from the trauma of divorce and broken relationships. 

Healing from divorce
It’s true, relationships can be complicated, and the emotions involved are intense. But why carry those emotions to another relationship? Those negative emotions and false beliefs can be cleared, leaving you open to a healthier flow. I’m excited to be joined this month by Wendy Minks, fellow Certified SimplyHealed Practitioner®

Wednesday, March 19th, 11:00 AM PDT

Your home, your phone


By registering, you will receive an email with the access phone number to the call. This email will be sent shortly before the call. Please register at least an hour before the call to ensure you will receive the call information in time for you to attend.


…in the event you would like to participate in this call but cannot attend in person, the call will be recorded. Energy is intelligent. Once you are registered, you will be included in the energy of the call and you will receive the same benefit listening to the recording as you would being on the call in person.

I Personally Invite You

…to join us in this Group Energy Healing Call. When negative emotions are cleared, the path becomes open to complete physical healing. I look forward to assisting you in a new journey toward good health!
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Often times when attending a call, many more issues are cleared than those that are mentioned on the call. This is an added benefit of attending the monthly Group Session Call!

In this call we will address all issues regarding health and wellness from an alternative standpoint. If you are being seen by a physician for any issue, this call will enhance your recovery. It will not take the place of your health care professional.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

A Scientific Look at Generational Issues

We inherit more than our eye color from our ancestors.  We have all heard,  "She has her mother's disposition.", "He has his father's artistic talent", "He get's his temper from the Irish side of the family." or similar statements time and again.   Sometimes in our own lives we keep following the same behavior patterns of our parents, even though they no longer serve us.  Have you ever wondered why it seems that certain behavior traits run in families?  Here is a scientific look at how this might happen.

"Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes"

(Click here to read the article in Discover Magazine)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Indigo Kids

When someone, especially a child, doesn't behave the way society expects people want to put a label on them.  They want an explanation, and most often they want a "cure".  It is hard to deny that there seem to be more and more children who would fit the traditional, medical definition of ADD, ADHD, Hyperactive, Aspergers, PDD, Autism Spectrum, etc.  It seems like an epidemic. There certainly is something going on.  Whether there are more cases today, or we are just more aware, or what, I am not sure.   Often these children are labeled, medicated, enrolled in special ed, and therefore fixed.  They have been properly processed, so everyone is absolved of guilt and responsibility.

In the alternative medicine world, they are still labeled, but not necessarily "processed" .  They are referred to as Indigo children, Rainbow children, or Crystal children.  It is a kinder, gentler, prettier sort of label, but still a label.  They are thought to be a new, emerging personality type,  coming to change the world.  They are born ready, willing and able to challenge authority, and exert their will.  They are here to usher in the future.  Which of course is true, for all children, they are the future leaders of the world.  That's just how life works. :)

In my opinion, and experience, labels don't matter in the SimplyHealed menu.  If a child is having a hard time, or a parent is having a hard time with a child, (Sometimes the kids is happy as can be, but still driving the parents crazy.) a SimplyHealed session could offer much needed help.  Their energy knows what is needed.  Maybe there is nothing wrong with the child, it's just a relationship imbalance and a little shift will set things right.

While we can be roughly categorized into groups based on our behavior, or problems, we are all unique individuals.  No two of us are exactly alike.  Our prescription or path to happiness is not the same, even if we share the same label.  Energy work is awesome, especially SimplyHealed.  There is no need to define, or label, just move what needs moved, and lives improve.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Sound of Memory

Why do I often feel like writing when I can barely keep my eyes open?  When my rational, organized, motivated mind gets sleepy, my creative mind has a few moments where it can sneak in and take control before the entire system shuts down.

Today I was thinking about how music is so tied to memory, and then I thought about how it is more than just music, it is sound.  The sound of your mother's voice, the sound of your baby's cry, the tornado siren, the school bell, the sound of caulk on the board, the vibration of the diving board, the phone ringing - all bring a vivid picture to mind, an instant reaction, an automatic time travel, mental teleportation to another time and place.  If you indulge your imagination, you can drag it out for a few more moments and experience again times gone by.  The unpleasant ones are a  shock, a startling emotional jar that you can't slam the door shut on fast enough.

I listen to a lot of audio books.  It's funny how the sound of the stories become attached to the location where I heard them, or the activity I was doing.  For example, I was listening to this book I didn't really like, but was persevering to at least finish it while I was helping my husband do a final clean on a wood floor job of his.  I was on the floor, scraping bits of dried glue while I listened to that lame story.  Every time I drive by that house, I think of that stupid book!  It's stuck.  That memory is all tied up in the sound of that story.  Too bad it wasn't a great book that I would love to remember.  When I mop a certain hallway I think of this fantasy novel about fairies.  It's kind of nice to be reminded of a pleasant little story while doing such a boring household chore. 

I can't tell you how many times I have been in a store and snapped to attention when I heard a child call out , "MOM".  It's not my child, but the sound of a distressed child calling my "name" gets my attention.  It's an automatic reaction.  A baby crying will do similar things to me.  It's a deep response, at my core, the need to respond to that sound.

There is the song one of my yoga teachers used to play during the final relaxation phase.  Five notes in and I'm relaxed.  It's awesome.  I should keep that song cued up and ready to play when the day gets too tense and I'm ready to scream.  Instant relaxation.

Kashmir, that takes me back to one of the most enjoyable times of my life.  Band practice, in the basement of our house in Utah.  I hear that song and I am happy.  It's pretty awesome that song is as long as it is.  Keep the good vibes rollin' ...

There is nothing like the sound of a good rain storm to put me to sleep.  It can be 2pm, and I am in the middle of a project, if the rain starts, I want to go to sleep.  It's auto pilot, rainy day, sleep mode for me.  Riding in a car has that effect on me too.  If I am a passenger I will likely fall asleep.  I think that might have less to do with sound, and more to do with all the Dramamine induced sleepy car rides of my childhood.

When I fly I often fall asleep to the sound of the flight attendant's voice  telling us about seat cushion floatation devises and wake up to the sound of the wheels dropping.  More sound induced conditioning.  Just like that dog of Pavlov ....

Often as I work I listen to music.  It keeps me company.  The memories the songs evoke bring old friends along to hang out while I sit here at my desk.  Without them, the silence is deafening, the solitude suffocating. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Connection Between Love and Abundance

The Connection Between Love and Abundance

I heard something interesting yesterday. The big 3 of life are 1. Health 2. Wealth 3. Love, and not necessarily in that order. If you have those 3, then life is pretty sweet. If one or more is messed up, then, well, not so much. That isn't news, and not all that interesting. What was interesting is this ....

If you are lacking wealth, you can't expect it to fall out of the sky and land in your lap. The way we get money, is through our interactions with other people, through relationships. If you are unemployed, who is going to hire you?  A person is. If you have a job, you have to keep the boss happy. And who is the boss, yes, again, a person.  If you own a business, you have to keep your customers happy.  And who are customers?  People.. Even if you are kid, you have to keep Mom and Pop happy to keep the allowance money flowing. Anyway you look at it, cash flows from person to person. So, if you are having money troubles, what you really have are people troubles.

Puts a whole interesting new spin on it for me. My brain has been analyzing my life in a whole new light the last 24 hours. Here are are some questions to ponder.

1. Do you think that you have to grovel for your pay?
2. Do you think that other people need their money more than they need to pay you?
3. Do you over pay for things?
4. Do you buy things to give you a sense of power?
5. Do you think you are over paid for your work?
6. Do you expect people to cheat you?
7. Do you think that the only way to get ahead is by being dishonest?
8. Do you think being poor is noble?
9. Do you know how to ask for what you want with confidence?
10. Do you know what it feels like to have more than enough for your ideal life?

Those are money issues, but at the heart of it all, it's about love. How so? Well, let me try and explain.

1. Do you think you have to grovel for your pay? (or any other physical need)
When we grovel, we debase ourselves. We grovel because we feel like the other person has power over us, that they are superior, and we are worth far less. This action comes from an extreme lack of self worth, a lack of love in the relationship with that person, and a lack of love for our self.

2. Do you think that other people need their money more than they need to pay you?
Are you willing to take less pay so the company can have more profit?  Are you willing to work for less than you are worth because the customer can't afford your standard price?  Are you willing to discount yourself, for the sole benefit of another?  If you do, then you are trying to buy love and acceptance at the cost of your self respect.  Everyone wants a good deal, but there is a line that should not be crossed.  Why does their desire for a bargain out way your desire for an abundant life?  There is a fair price, that is fair to all parties.  If someone expects you to give more than is fair, they do not value you and giving in to their demands will not raise your standing with them, it will lower it.

3. Do you over pay for things?
Over paying is emotionally and energetically the same as working for too little.  It is an attempt to buy acceptance and love.  In a way you are are telling the company, or person you are dealing with, that you value them more than you value yourself.  You are using your wealth to manipulate others into giving you what you want - respect, acceptance, inclusion, and ultimately love.

4. Do you buy things to give you a sense of power?
I remember when I was a kid and I had $3 in my pocket at McDonald's.  I felt this amazing sense of power when I realized that I had the ability to purchase anything on the menu.  (I know, this totally dates me, cause $3 won't buy you squat today).  I felt very powerful, and just a little bit prideful, standing there like a big shot ordering my Big Mac, fries, shake, AND a hot apple pie.  My parents almost never took us to McDonald's and they certainly never bought those silly apple pie things.

Seriously, do you every buy something expensive, or have your hair done, because you crave that feeling of power?  When you walk into the store you know they have to put up with your crap because you are the one with the cash?  How about taking your friends out to eat and paying for everyone, to give yourself a little boost in the ego?  It's not the buying of nice things, or the treating your friends that is the problem, it is the WHY you do it that is the problem.  Again, it comes down to love, or the lack there of.

5. Do you think you are over paid for your work?
Unless you really are being paid $100/hour to sit and watch TV, this is a false belief about your worth as a human being.  Do you love yourself enough to just let the good stuff come your way, or are you always undermining your own success?  Are you happy stuck in the muck, and afraid to let yourself rise above to where you really deserve to be?  Who are you to determine what your services, skills, or expertise are worth to another?  You might think it is easy, but to someone else it might just be priceless.

6. Do you expect people to cheat you?
If you expect people to cheat you, then you will be cheated.  Expecting the worst, means you have very little regard for your fellow human beings, or yourself.  You think the world is out to get you, and with that attitude, you are probably right.  Expecting the worst in others leaves no room for love, or respect.  At the root of thinking like this is the false belief that life is a zero sum game.  It is not, there is plenty for all.

7. Do you think that the only way to get ahead is by being dishonest?
This is the other side of the same coin as expecting others to cheat you.  At the core, it is the same false belief, that there is not enough for everyone to live abundantly.  If you want some, you have to steal it from someone else, there isn't enough for both of you.  Life is not a game of poker.  You can get ahead without bluffing and hiding an ace up your sleeve.  We can all win.

8. Do you think being poor is noble?
Believing that rich people are evil, and that if you are poor you are more righteous, is prideful. You are setting yourself above others.  It doesn't matter what the reason is, if you think you are better than someone else, you are lacking in love.    If you think it is noble to be poor, and you are working hard to get more income, you will either sabotage yourself into remaining poor, or come to hate yourself if you succeed at increasing your income.  Being rich  or poor does not make a person good or bad.  It's about how you treat others.

9. Do you know how to ask for what you want with confidence?
It's important to know how to ask for what you want.  If you have never been successful at asking for what you want, then you probably don't know how to do it right.  I'm no expert here, but I think the key is feeling love and gratitude rather than fear and doubt.  When your heart and mind are full of love and gratitude, you will exude confidence.

10. Do you know what it feels like to have more than enough for your ideal life?
If your life to this point has been a struggle, then you probably don't know what it feels like to have enough.  It's hard to visualize, and bring to pass something with which you have no experience.

Even if you have had a life of financial troubles, you have had success at something.  Remember that feeling, the feeling of success, and import it into your heart when you are thinking about your financial goals.   It's ok to borrow those feelings of success from other areas of your life.

Just in case you were thinking that you have never had enough of anything you needed in your life, that you have always had to do without, here is a little exercise for you.  Stop right now and take a deep breath, fill your lungs all the way up.  Do you feel that?  Your lungs are completely full, you couldn't possibly take in another breath.  You have all the oxygen you need and what do you need more than air?  Focus on that feeling of fullness, when you think about all your other needs.

What is the difference between oxygen, or sunlight, or food, or a house, or a big pile of money to God?  It's all the same to Him.  We have been abundantly provided for and it all comes from the same source.  You are loved.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Life is like the ocean.  Sometimes it is calm and peaceful, and sometimes it is a raging storm.  Even during the peaceful times, there are waves and currents.  The tides roll in, the tides roll out, day after day, without fail.  The ocean is always teaming with life and activity.  It is never still.  It is always changing.  Life is exactly like this.

 If you attempt to sit still in the ocean, you are carried one way or another by waves and currents.  It takes some action on your part to direct your path, or to even stay in one place.  You have to swim, tread water, kick, paddle, drop an anchor, do something, or you are going to be moved.  If you pause, for even a moment, the current can move you great distances. The ocean is a powerful force, even when peaceful. 

Have you ever stood at the beach and let the waves rush over you?  Not ready to jump right in to all the chaos, you timidly walk down to where water meets sand and inch your way in. As you stand there enjoying the cool flood over your hot feet, WHAM!  a huge wave comes and knocks you on your butt.  As you try to stand, the sand under you rushes away, pulled back into the water with the receding wave, you lose your footing, and down you go again.  As you struggle, another wave comes along, and you are rolled.  That second wave doesn't need to be very big to knock you over, since you haven't fully recovered from the first one.  You are only sort of standing, and very unsteady.  As wave after wave continues to hit, you tumble, and roll, struggle, and gasp.  Eventually, you back up, and retreat to higher ground, or dive on in and try to get all the sand out of your pants.

Inching towards a big change in life can be frightening.  We approach with caution, and inch our way in.  Standing there, hesitating, we can get hit with a big wave, a devastating set back, like a major illness, job loss, death of a loved one, etc.  Then when we are down, and still struggling to stand, even the smallest waves can knock us back down, and keep us down, tumbling us over and over, as we struggle to breath and stand.  Sometimes it seems like those waves keep on coming, and that we are going to drown, that the ocean will win, and drag us out to sea.  We might even need a friend to rescue us and pull us one way or another, out of the line of fire.

The best way to go for a swim in the ocean, is to run and dive right on in.  Dive over the wave, into the wave, or under it.  When you are swimming, you cannot be knocked down.  The wave loses it's power when you stop resisting, and go with the flow.  What is a powerful force at the shore, capable of knocking you flat, is a gentle rocking motion when you are bobbing along in the middle of it.  If you are swimming under the surface, it feels like nothing at all.  While standing, or treading water, if a large wave approaches, and you aren't paying attention, you can still get walloped good.  A face full of salt water that leaves you sputtering, but still upright.  If you see it coming, all it takes is a little hop just at the right moment, and you float along, with your head safely above the surface. Resisting is what causes all the trouble.

In life, it's just the same.  It's the resistance to life's changes,and challenges that bring all the destruction and pain.  When we fight against the inevitable, when we hesitate to take the next step, that's when life really knocks us down.  We have to pay attention, see what is coming our way, and then jump on board, and ride the wave.  When we resist, we go under, we sputter, and gasp.  Life is never going to be like a reflection pool - still and perfectly clear.  It keeps moving, and changing.  Every day we have new things come our way.  Life changes.  If we don't figure out how to adapt and change with it, we suffer, and life is harder than it needs to be.

Learning to anticipate the waves, and jump into them, rather than resist, helps smooth out the ride.  If you see a future challenge coming, do what you can to prepare for it, and when it hits - jump up to great it, rather then try to out run it, you will float along with only a minor disruption.  You can't out run, or out swim, the waves of change that life brings.  Babies grow up, kids get married, people get sick, we have to move, jobs are lost, cars break down, we grow old, and everyone of us will eventually die.  You can't avoid these normal life events.  You can prepare, you can be watchful, and you can embrace each new wave as it comes your way.  You can jump in and live life, rather than stand on the shore and let the waves beat you down.  You must keep moving, if you wish to have any peace.  There is no such thing as standing still.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lifting the Dark Cloud of Depression

"Big Banks: Too  Big for Congress to Handle?"

Daily, we are bombarded with sobering messages about the state of the economy.  Everywhere you look, people seem to be struggling financially. Foreclosure, bankruptcy, unemployment, and discouragement are rampant, and no longer newsworthy.  People turn in vain to the government for reform and relief.  The headlines listed above are from today, but could just as easily be from the 1930's.  It seems as if not much has changed since the days of the Great Depression. 

As George Santayana (1863-1952) said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." In an effort to understand our current economic situation, I  turned to the past. As a country, we have been here before, and will likely be here again, if we don't individually, and collectively, figure this out.

Last week I read the Great Crash of 1929 by John Kenneth Galbraith.  Originally this book was published in the 1950's and was updated in the 80's with some insights regarding the economic recession of that decade.  I will admit, that I had a hard time getting excited about this book. Frankly, the details of the events leading up to the stock market crash in 1929 were tedious and boring.  The inner workings of the stock market and the associated foreign language were uncharted territory for me.  I am sure that I am not alone in my attitudes and general lack of knowledge on this subject.  Unfortunately, ignorance offers no protection, under the law, or in financial matters.

The 1920's were an era of great speculation.  People were excited about the future and the prospect of getting rich.  The real estate speculation boom in Florida was in full swing.  Individuals were purchasing the option to purchase swamp land sight unseen.  Investment trusts were a recent invention, and everyone was jumping on the band wagon.  If some is good then more is better, right?   Discontent and ingratitude can turn a healthy desire for the good life to self-destructive greed.  Everyday citizens were investing their savings in ventures they knew little about, on the lofty promises of getting rich quick. The caustic combination of ignorance and greed lead to the great crash in October of 1929.

How many of us have a solid understanding of personal finance?  Do you know what tax bracket you are in?  Do you know what interest rates you are paying versus being paid?  Do you know the tax implications of home ownership versus renting?  Most people want MORE money and the things money can buy, but do we really understand how money works?  I know that I don't.  It is a subject that I have ignored and felt best left to the experts.  That was the attitude of the general population of the 1920's.  They trusted their bankers, investment advisers, Wall Street executives, and their government. Then, one by one these guardians began to crumble.

Once the crash hit, the tides turned quickly.  Those that were revered were now hated.  Institutions of trust were now feared.  The rich became instantly poor and the poor became destitute.  Fortunes were made and lost on what today we would call "vapor-ware".  In many cases the assets traded at high rates of return had no actual tangible value.  The prevailing attitude of the nation was fear laced with a heavy serving of doubt.  Distrust of Wall Street, banks, industry leaders, and government officials was pervasive.

Once down, the economy of the country did not recover for a long time.  During this time the distrust, fear and doubt only increased.  These attitudes prevented individuals from starting businesses, making investments, purchasing property & goods, or taking any kind of risk that would ultimately lead to financial gain.  With no financial activity there can be no financial growth.  The extensive lack of faith, kept this country depressed for a decade.

The combination of ignorance and greed  produces an individual easily exploited.  Individuals  armed with financial knowledge make better investment decisions and  raise the stability of our economy as a whole.  It starts with the individual, with you and with me.  

Realizing that my attitudes about my personal finances are tied to the generations before me has been a huge eye opener.  Having never lived through serious deprivation, I often wondered why I had a strong aversion to eat or use the last of anything.  It didn't make sense that I would fear homelessness and starvation when I had never experienced these for myself. They are deeply ingrained behavior patterns that are both intentionally taught and energetically passed down to us in our DNA.  To dispel  the lingering dark cloud each of us must gain more factual financial  knowledge, and determine to consciously let go of the negative emotions  that tie us to our collective, tragic past. As Knowledge and gratitude replace ignorance and greed, fear and doubt will give way to faith and hope.